We help you develop a blue print designed for your specific strategy. 


 ​Our navigation comes from experience and understanding of federal, state, and local jurisdictions and direct involvement with business and government associations and consortiums. 


 Our designs through over 30 years of military and government experience will help you achieve your goals. 

ED HAS BEEN EVERYWHERE - MILITARY to economic Development


Ed Rothstein has led a diverse career during his thirty years with the military, including numerous employments, studying at Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy, and working with the National Security Agency, among other jobs. After retiring in the beginning of 2014, he worked as the Economic Developer of Anne Arundel County, before founding ERA Advisory LLC.. His focus is on giving back to the community, which includes government, business, and academia, through a personalized and tailored approach designed for you by listening, learning, and then leading the charge for a sustained process. 


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